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Life Of Gbenga Episode 4: The Scandal In Kada

“Why your face just dey swell like person wey bee sting?” Dayo asked him as the bus drove down from basement to faculty.

“She no won reply my chats.” Gbenga said moodily.

“I think say you don tire for am?” Dayo asked.

Gbenga hissed “you can ask some kind mumu questions.”

Dayo laughed “I wonder whether she done jazz you sha. That year you been get at least one concubine in every room for hall 1.

That made Gbenga smile “abeg, I no say my way nor straight but a guy gat to have a constant if not the equation nor go make sense.”

“Too bad your constant won take acid baff you.” Dayo said with a chuckle.

Chicks kept glancing back to check out the two loud mouthed friends with their bright sunglasses and crazy hairstyles.

Dayo noticed “dem put picture for our head? Make una nor go break neck oo.” He said, adjusting his sunglasses with a slight nudge of the finger.

Gbenga chuckled. The bus came to a stop at the bus stop and the duo stepped down. Suddenly Gbenga’s phone let out a tune. He glanced at it and pulled his shades. Was he seeing clearly? He patted Dayo on the shoulder.

“Omo wetin happen?” Dayo asked, taking the phone from him.

“Oh boy!” Dayo muttered after checking out the message “200k. How much you bet that day?”

“Na two k oo. Na seven matches I bet sef. I just forget since then.”

“Make we put am for MMM?” Dayo asked.

Gbenga shrugged “I’ll give you 100k. If na GH oo or MMM or Shantel, anything when you won do. Me I won commot.”

“Where you dey go?” Dayo asked.

Gbenga glanced at the Atm machine in front and walked over to it. He withdrew 20k and shoved it in his school bag. “You know my pin na. Just transfer the 100k to your account.”

Dayo nodded “but where you come dey go so?”

“I’ll see you later.” Gbenga shrugged and boarded a bus headed for the main gate.


He knocked on her door.

“Who’s there?” she called out and came to open the door.

On seeing him, she frowned and tried to slam the door but he’d put his foot in already. He slipped through the slight space and walked in.

“Gbenga I don’t want to see you. You are not welcome.” Florence said.

“You’ve not been replying my messages. You don’t even pick your calls sef.” He complained.

“Really? Maybe you should take a hint.” She said, still standing close to the door.

“Baby girl, why you treating me like this na? This is not us oo. Why don’t you just take a knife and finish me na. Just kill me so that you’ll be happy.”

“Are you done? Because as you can see, the door is still open.” She said.

Gbenga sighed and approached her “I’m sorry na. I’m miserable oo, I’ve not even eaten for like two days now.” He said and came to hold her.

“If you think this shit is going to work, it will hover you. Get your hands off me.” she said and tried to shrug him off.

But Gbenga clung to her like a weed “Florence na, Florence baby, I’m dying here.” he moaned, burying his face in her neck as he slowly pushed her towards the wall “I need you girl, you making me think of suicide oo.”

She hissed but said nothing. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her. He kept kissing until she finally embraced him and returned his kiss.

“Yes,” he muttered, biting her lip “you know what, let’s go out. We’ll go to Kada. I know you like Chinese.”

“I thought you said I’m too expensive,” she mumbled.

“Look you know I’m a terrific mumu joor. I was just talking out of my ass. Come on, dress up let’s go.”

She smiled “alright.”


“Are you sure you’ve had enough?” he asked, taking a sip from the wine he’d so ostentatiously ordered.

“I’m okay,” she said but Gbenga shook his head and beckoned to a server.

“Guy we need chicken.” Gbenga ordered.

“Gbenga naw, you don’t have to…” Florence started to protest but Gbenga held her hand “complain after the meat. Every sexy girl needs her meat oo.”

She chuckled “you’ve spent a fortune here today. Are you sure…”


“Trust me,” he said and rubbed his palms together like an excited kid when the waiter brought a tray with the massive piece of chicken.

“Okay this looks delicious.” She said with a grin.

He watched her pluck in with her fork and wondered why he’d ever thought he was tired of her. As he mused, his hands wandered to his pockets and as he patted them, he suddenly became alarmed.

He dipped his hands into his pockets only to find them empty. Only thing he had on him was his handkerchief.

It was then he remembered dumping the money in his school bag; the school bag which happened to be conveniently faraway in Florence’s room.

Gbenga’s face suddenly became rigid and heavy like concrete blocks and his eyes started to dart around. Florence noticed his tension and leaned forward.

“Are you okay?” she asked, looking worried.

He let out a short laugh “hmm, promise you won’t get mad,” He said, wiping his jaw.

Noting that his face was getting pasty, he nervously grappled with the folds of his pocket as he tried to retrieve his handkerchief.

“You are sweating” she observed “how can you be sweating under this A.C? Wait, are you about to purge or something?”


Gbenga scratched his head “if it was purging, that would be good sef. The thing is eh…Florence you know you my one in a million…”

She was watching him keenly which just heightened the growing sense of tension he felt.

He puffed “can you lend me your atm card? I promise I’ll pay you back once we return.”

The way her face transformed was almost like film trick. The slight smile at the corner of her lips vanished. The curious light in her gaze changed to clouds of irritation. And then she hissed.

“I should lend you my atm card? To do what?” she said, suddenly staring at the food “Gbenga did you come here without money?”

He waved his hands slightly in a bid to signal her to reduce her volume. But she was rapidly sliding into bitch mode.

“Oh, so you think I’m retarded eh? I knew you didn’t have the money for all this. When common to buy me cream you were wagging your tongue like that old man in boondocks.”

“Florence just hear me out na.” Gbenga pleaded but she rose up.

“I think I’d find my way back and don’t ever show up at my place again.” She said and started to walk away.

He watched her leave “you don’t think you’re being a bit too temperamental?” he called after her. She replied that with a finger flip.

Gbenga rolled his eyes and glared at the remaining meat in the plate like it was the one to blame. Two waiters strolled up to him.

They’d obviously overheard every word. Florence was not one to argue in low tones. He looked up at them and sighed.

“Okay fine, I don’t have any money on me.” he said, scratching his head.

“We have POS sir. Just give us your card.” The waiter said with a slight glint in his eye. Gbenga could tell that the man was enjoying his torment.

“Eh, that’s the thing. I’m not with my card either. I forgot to bring it along.”

The other waiter laughed “he forgot to bring it along. Why did you not forget to bring the big mouth you were using to order us around and gulp wine like a whale?”

“Excuse me, do you have to address me like that. That’s no way to treat a customer.” Gbenga protested.

“You still dey get mouth? Abeg call security.” The waiter said.

A man dressed in a white shirt and grey pants, strolled up to them.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Manager this boy forgot to bring his money and his Atm card. And he has already swallowed more than fifteen thousand this afternoon.”

The manager studied Gbenga and calmly said “call security.”

Gbenga slowly rose up “look we’re all adults here. Let me call my friend and he’ll come with the money. This is just a simple misunderstanding, there’s no need to be brash.”

The manager studied him “how long will it take your friend to get here with my money?”

“An hour latest.” Gbenga said.

The manager hissed “okay call your friend.”

Gbenga gave a sigh of relief “thank you so much.” He said and dialled Dayo’s number.

Mehn, this Florence sef. She don do me strong thing today oo, he mused.



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