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Life Of Gbenga Episode 3: Money For Soup

His phone rang for the third time since Dayo walked into the room but Gbenga continued scrolling down his Nairabet account as he ticked off matches on a sheet of paper.

He was aiming for ‘ten K’, this time around.

“Oh boy, I dey H oo” Dayo said, rubbing his stomach as his eyes scanned around and rested on the fridge.

Gbenga did not reply, he was too busy predicting outcomes in his head. Dayo rose up from his seat and strolled to the fridge.

“Wait, you don finish that bread just now? You won come dey chop pass elephant oo.” Dayo protested.

Gbenga lifted his gaze from his phone screen and glanced at Dayo “See who dey talk. Eba and soup when I dey reason say I go flex last night.

No be I return from class come see say you don swallow the full bowl like snake?”

Dayo hissed and took a sachet of pure water from the fridge.

“If you do, just throway this fridge. If na so cold water dey be, e better to just boil water drink sef.” Dayo said and went to take a sit at the edge of the bare, haggard, mattress.

Gbenga’s phone rang again. Anytime the phone rang, Gbenga dropped it on the mattress and concentrated on his toenails. He did this again, watching the phone ring as he waited for the call to end.

“Dis one when you dey look your phone like person when see juju, I dey sure say na Florence dey call you.” Dayo said with a slight grin.

“Guy I don tire for that girl oo.” Gbenga said, picking up the phone once it stopped ringing.

Dayo chuckled “Answer her na. No be your battery dey waste?”

Gbenga sighed, “Let me just call her.”

He dialled Florence’s number. As expected the first three calls did not go through. She finally picked the fourth.

“Baby girl, watsup na?” he drawled.

Dayo watched in amusement as Gbenga took the phone away from his ear and held it afar off. When the yelling was over, he brought the phone back.

“Calm down na, calm down. Why you dey shout this hot afternoon? I was in the bathroom; there was no way I could pick your calls.” Gbenga said while he lazily drummed on the mattress with his left hand.

He kept nodding his head and muttering “hmm.” Until finally “you know what, I’m about leaving the house…wait where you dey? You dey your room?” he asked “okay, okay, just wait, I dey come. I get stuff when I won tell you in person.”

“So you won commot so?” Dayo said once the call was over.

“We won commot, make I dress up.” Gbenga said.

“Which we? Me when sun done beat tire today. I come dey black pass all those our brothers when dey Congo basin.”

“I nor go stay long for her side. I just wanna settle some kind things. From there na market straight.” Gbenga explained but Dayo showed no sign of budging.

“I go buy you mineral or something. No be that one you won hear?” Gbenga said and leafed through the wardrobe, looking for a clean shirt.

“Before nko,” Dayo said, stretching and yawning.


They got off the keke bike about thirty minutes later and strolled down the entrance of Osasogie, headed for God’s Grace Hostel.

“Day before yesterday she dey ask me for one K. She say she won take am complete the money for her subscription. “ Gbenga complained.

Dayo laughed “you for tell am make she use free basic. Garri when be eight hundred naira per rubber.”

“I just tire. But I give am sha. I no say na another thing she won ask for again, that’s why I was dodging before. No be say she carry belle for me oo. Her own too much joor.” Gbenga continued.

“Hahaha, so wetin she dey find this time?” Dayo asked.

“She say her cream don finish oo. I been won tell am say make she rub Vaseline.” Gbenga said as they strolled into the hostel premises.

“Na you dey dull na. I dumped all my chicks once Buhari banned importation. If I need babe, na to block any ss3 girl. Those ones no dey ask for much.”

Gbenga glanced at his friend as they climbed up the stairs, headed for the fourth floor.

“You can vex me. I no fit follow fresher sef. Dem never wise na. Na child abuse oo.”

“You done meet Shantel abi?” Dayo asked.

“Yea?” Gbenga replied.

“She carry pass Florence anytime any day. Whether na from the front or the back you won take look am.” Dayo said emphatically.

“Jesus! Shantel still dey secondary school?” Gbenga gasped.

“Dey there dey dull. Go dey buy two thousand naira cream na, mumu.” Dayo said and reclined against the banister as Gbenga knocked on her door.

Florence opened the door with a slight frown on her face and gave a slight nod to Dayo.

“You just dey shine today oo.” Dayo said with a wide grin.

“Except you oo. You come black pass kiwi polish. Wetin happen?” Florence said.

Gbenga licked his mouth and resisted a grin. Florence was one girl with a mouth even sharper than his own. This was one of the many reasons why he liked her.

Dayo chuckled “nor worry, na me find trouble. You guys should talk, I’d wait here.”

Gbenga gave him a signal as if to say ‘I won’t be long’.

“Dayo, would you take Pepsi?” Florence asked from inside the room.

“If you have anyone without poison, I don’t mind.” Dayo replied.

“Is that so? I hope you enjoy your saliva sha because that’s the only thing you’ll be drinking.” Florence said and came to slam the door.

“So what do you have to say to me?”   Florence asked, turning to face him as she folded her arms obviously ready for battle.

Gbenga studied her. She was petite and chocolate in colour with very brown eyes, a slim oyibo kind of nose, and wide hips, really wide hips. He always seemed to forget that because she was so small.

He cleared his throat “emm, you know the country is experiencing a recession and cost of living has skyrocketed.”

She winged her eyebrow “It has not stopped you from looking soft though. I’ve been seeing your pics on Fb. Maybe you would have said its Photoshop but I’m looking at you right now so…”

“This one is natural swag na.” Gbenga protested “seriously, I know you a big girl. Look at your crib sef. I’m just saying that I think we should cut back on the em…” her eyes were flashing like sharp knives “ehen..I think we should you know, spend less, that’s all.”

“You know we’ve not spoken about the party you attended the other day…without me.” she said with a sort of low dangerous tone.

Gbenga felt a little dizzy. She always knew how to twist a conversation.

“Em..which party is that?” he asked cautiously and started to pace around.

“Oh now you can’t remember abi? You forgot that people take pics at parties? My friend said she saw you grinding one ISD chick.”

Gbenga coughed “look okay its true but what has that got to do with your spending?”

“It’s true! Olugbenga you’re telling me it’s true abi?” Florence yelled, stepping closer to him.

“Look I’m always faithful. I don’t screw around, I just grind here, touch there…nothing serious. You have nothing to worry about.” Gbenga said scratching his head.

“Are you even listening to yourself? You just grind here, touch there. Oh, don’t worry…me sef I can grind. And I’ll make sure I send you pictures when I’m through.”

Gbenga frowned “did I send you any pictures? Please I don’t need to see pictures. Look that’s not even the issue sef. The issue is that you’re becoming too expensive. This is a relationship afterall.”

Florence gave off a short sardonic laugh “yea now he knows that this is a relationship. Gbenga God will punish you sha. You are a devil. In fact this conversation is over, just leave.”

Gbenga sighed feeling a bit remorseful “baby girl wait now. Look its just that this whole thing is beginning to look like a business contract or something. And if it was a business thing, I would have bargained at the beginning.”

“Gbenga get out now. Please just get out.” Florence muttered.

Gbenga hesitated and sat on her bed.

“Oh you want to stay abi? Just wait, I think I still have some of the acid my father gave me.” she said and marched into the bathroom.

Gbenga lazily got up and strolled towards the door “I don’t know why you’re getting worked up sha. I’ll see you later.” He said and shut the door behind him.

“How did it go?” Dayo asked as they jogged down the staircase.

“I don’t know what I said to piss her off oo. She threatened to pour acid on me.” Gbenga said.

Dayo burst out laughing. He even sat on the steps to enjoy his laughter.

“Wetin come dey sweet you now?” Gbenga asked, slightly irritated.

“Nothing. No be you dey find babe when don wise?”

Gbenga hissed “don’t mind her, she just dey rake. That girl fit die for me oo. She fucking loves me.”




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