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Life Of Gbenga Episode 2: Midnight In Ekosodin

Gbenga still felt a bit pissed off by the impromptu test that wicked Mr Ifeanyi unleashed on the class. Eco 211 had been one course he’d been hoping to net an ‘A’ from.

“But na winch dey worry that man sha. Twenty five marks, not ten oo, twenty five.” he muttered to Dayo his close confidant as they approached the flat in SSQ.

“Eco 211 abi? Him own pass winch sef. You no see as he dey behave like baboon when shit dey catch? Body too dey catch am.” Dayo said, just as bitterly.

It was almost eight p.m. and since it was a Friday, he would have been in high spirits if not for the test. His mood lightened a bit when the loud music from the flat seeped out to embrace them.

“Omo party don start oo.” Dayo said with a grin.

Gbenga recognized a couple of their course mates chatting on the veranda.

“Haafaaa!” he hollered and shook hands with Emeka who was holding a red plastic cup in his hands.

“How is it in there?” he asked Emeka.


“Guy you gat to see for yourself.” Emeka said and took a sip from his cup.

“Guy you carry your pad dey come? That means you’ll have to leave early before you jam Ekosodin bus stop.”

Dayo laughed “I tell am oo. You no say you dey commot for night, you won still dey form swag.”

“We have to take pics na. No be party we come?” Gbenga protested.

“Okay oo,” Dayo said and stepped in with Gbenga in tow.

See gobe, Gbenga mused, letting out a low whistle. The lights were still on and he was pleased to see that the girls outnumbered the boys.

Thank God he did not bring Florence along. She would have monitored his moves like a primary school prefect writing down names of noise makers.

His eyes caught on a cute chick dressed in a grey cotton dress. The dress was as tight as a hand glove and stopped just below her butt.

In fact she looked softer than butter and her skin was like cream, very light. After salivating for like two seconds he switched into ‘Gbengiss mode’

He came very close to her and whispered in her ear “they call me Gbenga but I’m surprised I even remember sha because this your shape fit give person amnesia.”

She chuckled and whispered in his ear “I have a boyfriend and he is watching.”

Gbenga hissed “Na today? Means we’re the stars of the show na, let’s make things interesting. Come and dance.” He said and dropped his phone on the table beside them.

She laughed, shaking her head but he pulled her towards the dark corridor, where the real groove was going down.

He winked at Dayo, who was still scoping out his target. They squeezed into the corridor to join the other dancers and under the cover of darkness, the grinding began.

As he pressed her luscious body and inhaled the scent of her perfume, he felt sorry for the peeps that ignored this part of their educational pursuit.

To him no guy could claim to be totally educated if he was ignorant of the texture of a big boob, if he didn’t know what it felt like to dance the bad dance with a hot young woman in the prime of her life.

And school was the best place to acquire such knowledge.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she said pulling his head close.

“Don’t we all?” he replied.

She laughed “Gbenga the bad boy.”

“Gbenga the very bad boy.” He replied and touched her till she moaned.

He did not realize how much time had passed by until Dayo tapped him.

“Guy watsup na?” he asked.

“It’s to twelve oo. Do you plan to sleep here?” Dayo hollered in his ear.

Gbenga was shocked. “I’ve gotta go.” He said to her and followed after Dayo, squeezing his way through the party traffic. His eyes glanced around for his phone. It wasn’t on the table where he left it.

“See your phone here, mumu. You leave am for table like say na offering.” Dayo said.

He smiled and took the phone.

“You’re leaving?” the girl said from behind him.

He turned, “yea, come take a pic with me.” he said and pulled her close. Snap went his pad as he took a selfie.

She followed them outside and held Gbenga’s hand. “So, I guess the party is over….”  She started.

Dayo rolled his eyes and strolled ahead.

“Do you stay around here?” Gbenga asked her.

“No I stay off campus…BDPA.” She said.

“How are you gonna get back?” Gbenga asked.

“My boyfriend will drop me.” she said.

“Oh she really has a boyfriend.” Gbenga said.

“Yea, she does.”  She laughed “your girlfriend must be very open-minded.” She added.

“Nah, she doesn’t know I’m at a party.” Gbenga said.

“Okay,” she said stepping back “guess it’s good bye then.”

“Guess you’ll have to give me your number dear.” He said, handing her his phone.

She glanced at the door, as if she was watching out for someone.

“Are you always like this?” she asked, taking the phone.

He shrugged “only one way to find out.”

He hurried down the road with Dayo. Dayo was as tense as a woman in labour.

“See how late we’ve stayed out. Maybe we should just crash at the basement.” Dayo suggested.

“I pray oo. Don’t worry we’ll get home. They won’t ‘obtain’ us.” Gbenga said.

Dayo studied him “that chick must be making you high. What’s her name sef?”

Gbenga stared at his friend. He suddenly realized that he’d never asked for her name. He glanced at his phone only to see that she did not save it. She only keyed in her number. He just shrugged at Dayo.

Dayo’s eyes bulged “wait, you don’t know her name. Your swag though.”

“How many did you grind?” Gbenga asked as he saved her number.

“Three,” Dayo said “you just concentrated on her like say she be exam paper.”

“But she soft die,” Gbenga said. Dayo nodded in agreement.

They kept talking about their night as they made the long trek back to Ekosodin. It was too late to get a bus ride and no one wanted to think too much about what waited ahead.

Dayo kept ignoring the urge to glance at his wrist watch. This was obvious from the way he kept lifting his hand and dropping it.

Finally they reached the gate. Their hearts sank when they noted the absence of security guards. Not one blue uniform in sight.

The whole area was like a cemetery, very still.  Dayo placed a hand on Gbenga’s shoulder before he crossed in.

“Look over there,” Dayo whispered.

Gbenga followed his friend’s gaze. Yep Ekosodin bus stop was active tonight. He could count a group of no less than six guys patiently waiting in the darkness.

“We can still turn back. Let’s just run.” Dayo said.

Gbenga glanced back, contemplating.

“Nah, if dem see us dey run like antelope, na big fuck up oo. Follow my lead.” He said and walked past the gate.

He kept his face straight ahead and moved briskly but…

“My guy, hafa na. Which one you dey hurry this night like person when dey go morning service?” hollered one of the bross men in the dark.

Before Gbenga could say ‘night party’, they were surrounded.

Gbenga twisted his neck. He was still in Gbengiss mode. He could feel it. So he sighed and studied the bross questioning him.

“Guy no be morning service oo. The thing be say sleep just dey catch me so I gotta get home.”  Gbenga replied.

“That’s my guy. I like this guy” the bross said, turning to his companions “he say sleep dey catch am.”

The niggas laughed. They kept moving around Gbenga and his friend like wolves inspecting their prey.

“So how far with this your phone na. The thing make sense oo. Which model? Abeg give me make I see.” The bross continued.

Gbenga glanced at his phone “my phone? This one na phone? This thing when be like wetin my grand papa shit put. Bross you too big for this kind phone joor.”

The bross paused for a second like someone confused. He chuckled and glanced at his crew.

“See dis guy oo. You wan make I beg you for the phone? Okay give me na. I don start to dey beg you oo. Bross abeg just give me your phone make I look na.”

Gbenga shook his head “I no fit give you na. If I no give you you go die?”

Now the bross was truly surprised “wait you won tell me say you no go give me the phone?”

“No, sorry bross. He is just joking.” Dayo said hastily.

Gbenga slapped Dayo immediately “guy shut up! Why you dey talk like small pikin when dem give palm wine drink?” He yelled at his friend.

Then he turned to the bross “wetin dey give you the mind to ask for my phone? Na everybody you dey obtain? Oya take the phone na. You want the phone abi? Just take.” He said, handing the phone to the bross.

The bross studied the phone but made no move to accept it.

“Wait, who you be? Wetin be your name?” The bross asked.

“Na now you wan know my name abi? I’m Gbenga. If you like go and call your Capon. Tell him Gbenga is here.”

The bross studied him. “Gbenga…” he muttered, scratching his head “who come be Gbenga?

Gbenga frowned “you dey ask me who be Gbenga? You dey craze?”

The bross glared at him for a while and then eventually was like “wait, wait, wait…okay okay, na you be that badt guy! Gbengaaaa, I know this guy. Na you be this? Hafa na,”

he turned to his companions “make una free the guy. Na bad guy oo. I nor first look the face.”

The others studied Gbenga hesitantly.

“Una no know the guy? That guy na, Gbenga. Make una just leave am.” The bross said, patting Gbenga.

Another guy stepped forward and peered at Gbenga “e be like say I know the guy sha. I dey familiar with the name. So na you be Gbenga? You know what, just drop something like fifty card. Make e no be like say, you too stingy.”

Gbenga hissed and brought out ten naira. “Take it or leave it.” he said and shoved it at the bross.

The guy laughed and took the note “Gbenga! Your head too dey hot sha. Oya dey go. Nor dey stay out late sha oo. You know how it is na.”

Gbenga tapped Dayo “let’s go joor.”

When they had gone a good distance from the brosses, Dayo held his hand.

“What just happened?” Dayo asked.

Gbenga chuckled “I followed the simplest law of the hood.”

“Which is?”

“Always act like you belong.” Gbenga replied.




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