He's Miletus Aberudeen Decathlon and he's not going to be human for long. This is the story of the legendary Zanite being who lost his mortality by reason of curiosity to become one the greatest immortal beings to walk the face of the universe.

N.B: Samuel Mogbolu initially published this story as a novel under the pseudonym 'Zanite Prince'. This series is a revised edition and is meant for those who enjoy lenghty stories.



 Ep 1 The Knife

Ep 2 Birth of a Marksman

Ep 3 Action in the Woods

Ep 4 The female Visitor

Ep 5 The Invitation

Ep 6 The Journey

Ep 7 The Lost Prince

Ep 8 Oedimus, The Stranger

Ep 9 The Girl In The Veil

Ep 10 The Knife Flinger



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