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Kid from Gemville written by Samuel Mogbolu, is the first book in the novel series, 'Rise of the boy god'.

It is centred around a sixteen-year-old high school kid named Simon Godswill whose life becomes complicated when he comes in contact with a divine personality that goes by the name of Dieu.

Simon is also the son of Rutherford Godswill, the Mayor of Gemville metropolis and the tale goes through several nerve-wracking twists as Simon finds himself engulfed in a severe political war combined with the ever present shadow of supernatural beings that seek to eliminate the youngster because of the threat he poses due to his association with Dieu.

Set in the socialite milieu of Gemville's upper class, this action-packed book sheds light on a variety of lifestyles- from the thug in the ghetto to the average kid with middle class parents, to the only daughter of the police officer, to the elite fashion heiress and all the way up to the family of the city mayor.

It also takes a look at the nature of political intrigue, youthful exuberance and the slow transformation of Simon Godswill from a teenage boy to world hero.





This is one of the recurring themes of the novel. The concept of going all the way for the sake of family is depicted in the relationship between Simon and his brother, Daniel.



Supernaturalism is a prevalent theme in this book as depicted by the presence of the enigmatic Dieu, the twelve dark souls that empower the FOE, and the weird abilities possessed by Simon Godswill.




The book stresses the belief that no matter how bad it gets, there's always a chance that things would get better.


Fame/Teen Stardom


From city wide, teen sensation, Simon Godswill and his brother Daniel Godswill, to school diva, Jennifer Donatello, to skating champions and larger than life celebrities, fame is a central theme in this novel as the writer tries to explore the effect of fame on young individuals and the effects of fame in general.


Other visible themes include skateboarding, political intrigue and wealth.


Contemporary Fantasy

Kid from Gemville falls under the genre of fantasy literature and qualifies for the category of 'contemporary fantasy' or 'urban fantasy' or 'low fantasy'.

It maintains a fairly bright tone as opposed to its dark toned counterparts (like vampire stories); opting for brightly lit settings, daylight action and a prevalent level of wit and sarcasm.

The writing style emulates that of a TV show, with viewpoint characters and cliff-hanger ends to episodes. It contains elements of adventure, thriller and romance.


Special Abilities


Simon and the members of the FOE displayed a couple of mind blowing gifts. These include, invisibility, flight, teleportation or porting, and preternatural speed.


Book Setting


This book is set in the fictional city of Gemville. It is inferred from the novel that Gemville's etymology is derived from the abundance of gems found in the region.

The region is also said to be rich in diamonds. The city operates the Strong-mayor system and is 'not underdeveloped and not too developed'. It's general population is about one million.

Most of the action takes place in Gemville. It is clear that the author was not referring to the Gemville found in the US. Other minor settings in the book include Jamaica, Leblon and Norway.



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