After spending almost half of a millenium in the gruesome depths of hell, a lost soul seeks to break free. He has set his sights on a region his fellow inmates wouldn't dare to dream of.

This damned one, named Ivan would return to earth.But to escape the prison of the Lost, he must outwit, his fellow revenants, fiery demons, ancient beasts and creatures not even recognized by any myth known to man.

Ivan must do the impossible. Ivan must trump nature. Can he really?

Ivan from Hell written by Samuel Mogbolu, is an online serial updated every Sunday.


Dystopian/High Fantasy.

Chapter List (Click on any link below to read Ivan from Hell)

Page 1, Sins of Youth

Page 2, Death Begins

Page 3, Servitude

Page 4, The abyss

Page 5, Journey to Og Bashen

Page 6, The Wind Serpent

Page 7, The Wind Serpent part 2

Page 8, Deep Down Below