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The Wind Serpent (Traski) pt 1

Ivan From Hell

©Samuel Mogbolu


Can hell truly be beautiful? It seemed like they left the hideous parts of the underworld behind, the moment they came ashore.

“This is the harbour of Lemuel.” Halimar said, noting how he was enthralled by the scenery.

Ivan only nodded and followed after her as she made for the city gate. It was a cautious climb for the gate was uphill, and the path was lined with jagged black rocks.

The walls of Og Bashen reached so high, perhaps they reared their heads up on earth itself. They were fashioned of a material he could not recognize and appeared crystalline with flickers of red as if their inner parts were formed of wavering flames.

“Do the walls burn?” Ivan asked Halimar as they came to the check point.

Halimar gave him a snide look “touch and see.” She said.

Ivan almost coughed his heart out when he saw the Transporter standing before them.


But he soon realized that this was a different demon. Apparently all these demon beings bore a close resemblance.

“Your permits hellions,” The demon said.

Halimar lifted her sleeve and showed the demon a feather mark on her left arm. The being slowly inspected the mark and nodded in satisfaction when the light trace of its fingers made the mark glow. Then it turned to Ivan.

“Yes you?” the demon said to Ivan.

Ivan was tongue-tied. He’d not expected this. He looked to Halimar but she kept her gaze affixed on the Demon.

“Tis his first visit.” Halimar said eventually when the silence grew irksome.

The demon studied Ivan.

“Well,” it said “Trellions are always welcome here. But you shall have to get your mark.”

“How do I get a mark?” Ivan asked.

“Go to the branders over there.” The demon said pointing to a group of demons standing beside a flaming pool.

“Did all these slip your mind?” he asked Halimar.

Halimar nudged him “go and get your brand and then find me in the city once you’re through. I shall be at the cave between two towers.”

With that she walked past the gate and got lost in the crowd of hellions.

What a witch, Ivan cursed mentally as he looked after her. He stepped out of the line and cautiously approached the branders.

They seemed like statues. Tall figures, they were in their hideous black cloaks. They had their hands folded and their heads bowed as if in meekness.

But as he came closer their faces suddenly snapped to face him.

“What a glorious fragrance. Your heart would make the tastiest meal.” said the one standing in the middle.

If the statement was a compliment, it was the worst one he’d received yet. But having no suitable answer, he nodded.

“Thank you. I am here to be branded.” He said.

The one standing on the right stepped closer to him so that it looked right down on him. There was a way the monster slowly leaned down towards him like a tree branch. Its gleaming white eyes pored over him with deep interest.

“We get to eat your heart afterall.” It said.

Ivan stepped back “what?”

“It’s useless to you as it is, seeing as you are about to be melted in the pool.” The demon said.

Ivan eyed the flaming pool. Now that he looked at it, it wasn’t a pool. It was more of a seething volcano. How did he? What deception made him see this death pit as a pool?

“It does play tricks on the mind, does it not?” The last demon said.

“We do you a service by eating your heart. The pain of that pool is horrific. Fortunately for you, you shall be too dead to pay much attention.”

 Before Ivan could reply, one of the demons yanked his right hand and drew a mark on his arm with its long claws. As the demon’s claws tore through his skin, they left behind a fiery liquid that sizzled.

Ivan whimpered, trying to pull his arm away but the demon’s grip was like death, inescapable.

And then the second fiend ripped through his chest and pulled out his heart. For a moment, all he could stare at was the thumping organ.

But he had no time to wail for the third fiend had planted its teeth against his throat and sucked on his blood. He barely registered the moment when they pushed him over the cliff and into the volcano.

He never felt the fall. He died in the air.





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