The Wind Serpent pt 2

Ivan from Hell ep 7

©Samuel Mogbolu



It took his eyes a few moments to understand that the dark hall had turned into a murky jungle. And this jungle was as chilly as Russia.

Already, his fingers felt numb and his breath formed ghostly mists. But the cold was not enough to dispel creatures for he could hear rustling within the mist.

The rustling was not that of small animals scurrying about but rather it sounded like the lazy movement of something enormous, moving through the woods.

Every now and then a creature would let out a baleful roar. But the sounds seemed to be coming from afar. Then again how far was far enough, he mused.

Ivan was still on his knees as he had been before the creature, the lord of the realm.

He looked upon Halimar who knelt beside him. Her eyes were wild and nervous.

There was a small clustering of frost on her hair and she breathed in short rapid bursts.

“Is there any way out of this evil forest?” Ivan asked her.

Halimar gazed at the floor which was buried under grey leaves and thoughtfully shook her head.

“This is another reality. This place is like a backdoor to hell’s realms. Only special demons and creatures that possess powers of the mind can go in and out of this realm.” Halimar said.

Ivan gasped “do you mean to say that we are lost forever in this ice jungle?”

Halimar’s eyes kept darting around as though she half-expected some creature to pop out from the surrounding mist.

“Well, we could always do something reckless.” She said.

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“Do what?” Ivan asked.

“We could try to overcome a demon. If we steal a demon’s eyes then we would possess its power for a limited time.” Halimar said.

Ivan laughed slowly “you mean we should go against a creature like the branders I met at the city gate?”

Halimar gazed at him “oh Ivan. You haven’t truly met a demon. What you have come across are branders and transporters and goblins, not actual demons.”

“What then does a demon look like?” Ivan asked.

Just then the floor on which they knelt cracked like broken glass.

From beneath the floor arose an open monstrous mouth like that of a giant crocodile with pointed brown teeth the length of ship masts.

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Ivan never realized he could leap so high. He found himself perching nimbly atop a tree branch. The great beast slowly receded back into the mist like a shark going back underwater.

He could not see the forest floor from where he stood. The mist was far too dense.

This branch he perched on seemed to be the only branch for miles. It made him feel like he was lost in the clouds.

Where was Halimar?

He was too frightened to call out for her. And he could not leave this branch either. He could not even see the rest of the tree so it was difficult to gauge just how high up he was.

“Ivan!” Halimar yelled.

Ivan swirled on his heels to see the monster whooshing from behind.

He jumped off the branch and surrendered himself to the embrace of the mist. What a cry the monster gave out. It sounded like the cry of a thousand vultures.

The fall was quite a great distance. For it took him a while to hit the floor.

He fell the wrong way when he did, and twisted his legs and popped his knees. Even his wrists were broken.

But he could hear the rustle that told him the monster was circling.

His hellish body had never been more efficient than it was now. So much so that as he forced himself to rise up, he could hear his bones cracking and fixing and popping back into place.

By the time he was up on his feet, he moved like the wind, running blindly through the mist.

The monster was behind him, chasing after him. He could discern this from the rapid rustle and the ear splitting growl it let out.

He turned back for an instant and saw the mighty snake-like head charging towards him from the mist.

He kept running, lost his footing and started to fall. Apparently, he’d fallen off a cliff- edge.

Not another abyss, he mused hopelessly as he crashed down the jagged cliff side, and got his frame torn by the myriad of rocky spikes that made up the cliff side.

He soon came to rest upon a dry field beside a flaming sea.

He lay motionless, waiting for his body to heal. And he kept grunting like a dying mule while his fingers twitched.

“Come Ivan, make haste. We cannot rest here.” Halimar said, pulling him up.

Ivan with great effort lifted his head from the pale yellow grass to look up at her. “You made it here.” He garbled.

Halimar looked towards the flaming sea “there are demons here. Demons cause the seas to burn. We must leave.”

He pushed himself up and sat on his bottom. Truly this part of the realm was much warmer. And there was no mist.

He could see caves afar off on the cliff sides for the cliff formed a crescent around the field and the flaming sea.

But the cliff did not fully encircle this valley they had fallen into. Instead the cliff ends stopped at the west and formed a narrow mouth.

The flaming sea flowed through this mouth into an area that looked more like a dark lonesome void.

“Do you reckon what lies beyond the cliff mouth?” Ivan said, pointing towards the dark area.

Halimar shook her head “No and I don’t care to find out. We shall go for the caves.” She said.

Ivan rose up and inspected himself.

“My body heals so swiftly.” He noted.

Halimar nodded “it is always so after the branding. Come we must not tarry.” She said and ran off towards the cave.

He followed after her enjoying the fact that running felt like gliding by reason of the considerable speed.

They soon came to stop at the mouth of one of the caves. Halimar considered the cave and cautiously peeped in.

“It is so dark in there.” she said.

“But it leads somewhere.” Ivan said, noting the dim light from the other end of the cave.

“Hmm” she muttered “let us find a brighter cave, one where the daylight does not fear to tread.” She said.

“Can a hellion be afraid of the dark?” Ivan mocked.

But Halimar was already moving on to another cavern.

“I find this one to be more suitable.” She said and stepped in.

Ivan was about to follow suit but she stopped him “do not come in yet. Some of these caves are eternal prisons. Kha-ilas we call them. They let you in but never out.”

She stepped out of the cave and stepped back in as she inspected the entrance “you may come in now. This is no Kha-ilas.” She said.

Ivan stepped into the cave and sat down on a rock.

Halimar retrieved a knife from somewhere in her clothing and started to inscribe something on the floor with the knife.

It was a kind of geometric diagram, with circles and triangles.

She inscribed also upon the four walls of the cave and then to Ivan’s astonishment, perched upon the ceiling like a lizard to inscribe upon it.

“Can I do that?” Ivan asked.

“Well we all have a sense of balance to various degrees.” She said as she drew the complex diagram “but I saw you shoot up like a bird today.

You rose so high, I thought you’d sprouted wings. Perhaps you could do this too.”

“hmm,” Ivan muttered feeling too lethargic to check “what are the diagrams for?” he asked.

“Tis to help secure the cave. This symbol is called the circle of Lis. It will keep almost anything out. For a while that is.” She said and dropped to the floor.

Her limbs were still extended like the appendages of a spider so that she crouched on the floor.

She pulled each limb slowly until they snapped and returned to their normal length. It was such an intriguing sight. Ivan could not help but gaze on her.

“Why do you stare? Our hellish form is quite different from our earthly form.” She said.

Ivan nodded “what are we to do now?”

Halimar came to sit beside him upon the rock.

“Well firstly, I am famished. I need you to feed me.” she said “and I need to heal too.” she continued, lifting up her blouse to show a gaping hole in her stomach.

“How can I feed you? I see no food here.” Ivan said.

There was a way she pinned him with her green eyes that made Ivan shift back.

“I cannot let you eat me. Are you mad?” Ivan said, rising up.

“If I don’t feed, I shall grow faint. Soon I shall be too weak to move. And then my body shall rot off my bones until I am but a mere skeleton. Is that what you want?”

Ivan frowned “What of me? I do not feel hungry.”

She sighed like a person dealing with a troublesome child. “Trellions do not need to feed. Tis the same way you do not need to steal organs either.”

The idea of becoming fully transitioned grew increasingly distasteful whenever he was faced with evidence of what he was soon to become.

She chewed her bottom lip, and gave him longing looks. Her green eyes were so lustful; it was hard to think of the fact that she considered him to be food.

She wanted him the way a man would want meat.

“Please Ivan, just a few bites, and a healthy drink. You know you will heal in no time. Why do you suffer me so?” she pleaded.

Ivan came back and sat beside her “make haste.” He said gruffly.

She ripped his coat off like it was made of leaves. And then her once normal teeth grew in length and became pointed.

Quite reluctant to see what followed, Ivan shut his eyes.

He wanted to brush her off when she sunk her teeth into his shoulder blade but she pounced on him and entwined her legs around his waist.

She plucked off his flesh in quick bites, grunting like a wild beast.

She kept eating until her teeth grazed his bone. He felt her teeth crack his shoulder blade and she seemed to suck on something from his bone.

All the while she guzzled on him; Ivan frantically tried to push her off for the pain was fiery. Thus they trashed around the cave.

They rolled up and down the walls and even up the ceiling until she fell off him to sit at a corner of the cave.

She licked her bloody lips, as her teeth slowly rose back into her gums.

“You are the tastiest meal I have ever had.” she said.

Ivan looked upon the gaping hole in his shoulder. It was already sealing up. A slow film of flesh first spread to cover the bone. Then another layer followed. On and on it went.

“You must find yourself a hellion to feed on. I shall not do this again.” Ivan said, pacing from one wall to another.

She smiled at him “can you truly say you felt not even the slightest tinge of pleasure when I fed on you?”

Ivan ignored her and continued his pacing. Yes there was a sweet tickle. But the whole act was unseemly.

“I shall not do this again.” Ivan repeated.

“Well if it makes you feel better, you can feed on me too.” she said.

Ivan paused and studied her. Something about her offer was quite scintillating. He could feel his manhood become firm. He turned away from her in disgust.

“We cannot abide in this cave forever. How do we find a demon?” he asked.

A sound outside the cave made the hellions step towards the entrance.

There seemed to be an earthquake in the field, a furious quake that upturned the field and sent large blocks of rocks flying about.

“Oh no.” Halimar said, stepping back from the entrance.

The quake soon formed a crater and out of the crater rose up a bright flame. The flame had the similitude of a human form.

Two massive hounds each possessing three heads jumped out of the crater.

These hounds barked wildly and raced down the field towards the hellion’s cave.

As the hounds raced, they underwent rapid transformations so that one hound turned into a tiny flying dragon and another assumed the shape of a bird.


The flame that was once in the middle of the field erupted right in front of the cave. Ivan was so startled; he almost fell on his bottom as he hastily edged away from the entrance to join Halimar.


As he studied the fire standing in front of the cave, he was keen to notice that a person stood in the midst of it.

It was a comely woman, very pleasing to behold. She was clad in a silken shawl which barely covered her and when she swirled, it revealed her naked back and bare golden buttocks.

But from her forehead protruded two small horns and she had wings. Her wings were just large enough to carry her frame and they ended in talons.


“Did someone call for a demon?” she asked with a smooth voice.

Ivan looked at Halimar “this is what a demon looks like?”

“Aye, they always come coated with fire. Don’t let her comeliness fool you. Her kind loves to torture hellions.” Halimar said.

The demon laughed “oh please. I come in peace. I see you have gone toying with pesky tools like the circle of Lis.”

“Leave us alone.” Halimar said.

The demon pursed her lips “such hate. You don’t have to be such a racist.”

“What is a racist?” Ivan asked.

“Tis a word from the future.” Halimar replied without taking her eyes off the demon.

“So we need her eyes to get out of this place?” Ivan whispered to Halimar.

Halimar slapped her forehead “you fool. You have doomed us.”

“Oh you desire my eyes.” she sang out stretching her neck towards the cave entrance.

Her neck extended unnaturally like that of a serpent so that her face stopped just right at the cave entrance. Her eye balls trembled as if they were about to pop from their sockets.

“See my eyes are willing to go. All you have to do is scratch out those silly symbols.” She said.

“Can we defeat her?” Ivan asked.

Halimar laughed “sometimes you ask the strangest questions. This is a fallen angel. What chance do we have?”

“Ivan,” the demon called out “that is your name, is it not?”

“She knows my name?” Ivan muttered.

“She can search your soul.” Halimar said.

“Come on Ivan. Don’t you want to know why you have red eyes?” The demon continued.

Ivan stepped towards her “why do I have red eyes?”

Her neck slowly retreated until her head rested back on her shoulders.

“Come out and I solemnly promise to tell you.” she said.

“Pay no heed to her Ivan. She seeks to enslave you.” Halimar warned.

The demon looked at Halimar “why can’t I search your soul? How are you strong enough to hide from me?”

“Maybe you are not as strong as you imagine.” Halimar said through her teeth.

“Hmm,” the demon said as if in deep thought “I sense deception. Ivan, do you know she is lying to you?”

Ivan turned to face Halimar “what is she talking about?”

Halimar sighed “how can you be this gullible? Were you retarded as a human being? Is it not obvious she seeks to cause a rift between us?”

“Well so long as we remain in this cave then we shall be safe.” Ivan said, looking to Halimar for confirmation.

Halimar avoided his gaze and gave a non-committal shrug.

Ivan didn’t miss that.

“Halimar?” he enquired.

The demon laughed “don’t be so naïve now. It’s just a circle of Lis not a ‘do not melt them if they stay in the cave’ symbol.”

“What?” Ivan asked.

The floor of the cave soon became red hot so that the hellions jumped upon the rock to escape being scorched.

The demon laughed “is it too warm in there?” she asked with all concern.

But the heat increased even more. The red hot floor began to boil with lava and the lava flowed up the cave walls.

The rock on which the hellions stood gradually dissolved like a sugar cube.

“We shall fall in soon enough.” Ivan said.

“Aye,” Halimar muttered.

The cave had grown unbearably hot especially for Halimar. Burn marks were emerging all over her skin.

“Halimar your skin, it burns.” Ivan said.

“Tis a good thing you are in transition. Your healing protects you.” Halimar said shakily.

It was obvious she was trying to bite back the pain.

“How long will you clowns torment yourselves?” The demon said.

And then Ivan suddenly remembered.

“Halimar what about your hair? Surely it can get us out of here.”

Halimar shook her head.

“When the lord took me captive, he extracted every drop of his oil from my hair. I still have the vial but alas it is not here with me.” Halimar said.

“Then we have no choice. We must step out of this cave.” Ivan said.

Halimar clutched him “don’t you worry about me. She is far too evil to surrender to.”

“I don’t know, Ivan. I would say getting melted is far too evil to surrender to.” The demon said.

Halimar slumped on the rock beside him and started to cough. Ivan knelt down and held her in his arms “you cannot stand this heat.” He said.

“I will survive.” Halimar said “I have seen worse, believe me.”

Ivan let her go and got off the rock.

“Ivan no!” Halimar yelled.

“I shall go to her.” he said, wading through the flaming sludge that was once the cave floor.

He ignored the severe sting on his feet and clenched his teeth together, putting one foot in front and then the next.

The demon clasped her palms together, patiently waiting.

“Ivan stop, I beg you.” Halimar called.

Ivan had gotten to the cave entrance. He paused and glanced back at Halimar.

“You can do what you want with me. But promise you will let her go.” Ivan said to the demon.

The demon clasped her heart “can one find such chivalry in hell? I promise to let her go.”

“Ivan don’t” Halimar yelled but Ivan turned away from her and stepped out of the cave.

“Well…” the demon was about to say when a loud roar rent the air.

A mighty tornado formed in an instant. The wind was so great that it encompassed the whole crater.

“Psst, it’s that pestilent wind serpent again.” The demon yelled over the din. Her shawl billowed like a ship's sail.

“Some other time, Ivan. This beast is wild and rabid, it never listens to me.”

Just like that, the demon vanished. Ivan looked back at the cave. The lava was gone from the walls and the floor. All that was left was smoking black coal.

“Ivan look!” Halimar wailed.

Ivan turned and saw that the wind had formed a head, a very serpentine head. The head slowly lost its windy form and became more solid and scaly.

It was emerald green in colour and those massive snakelike eyes pinned him. And then the beast roared.

Ivan turned and ran back into the cave.

“At least it cannot get in here.” He said, scramling up the rock.

“To be honest it can, it is one of the creatures the circle of Lis has no effect on.” Halimar said.

“For once, just once, why can’t I be right?” Ivan howled as the serpent swooped down towards the cave mouth.

It went past the entrance undeterred and made a swift dive for the hellions.

Ivan lifted his hands “stop!” he yelled.

To Ivan’s surprise, the serpent halted as if frozen by some unseen force. The head fell to rest on the floor with a loud thud.

Astonished, Ivan turned to Halimar but her questioning look mirrored his own.

What a mighty head it was. Ivan was standing to his full height but yet he did not even come close to the monster’s nose.

Prom…prom…prom…The beast's breath puffed out like the sound of a trumpet.

Ivan cautiously placed his right hand on the head of the beast, quite intrigued.

All of a sudden, the serpent erupted in flames, wailing and trashing about. The two hellions instinctively dived back to perch high up on the cave wall.

The serpent kept trashing until it dissipated like smoke to be as if it never was. Then they saw the demon standing inside the cave.

“Amazing. I thank you for distracting that beast. I have always sought to slay it.” the demon said, looking up to them.

She waved her arms and her little dragon rushed into the cave and swooped on Halimar.

It clawed at her and ripped her skin off her bones all the while bathing her in gusts of fire.

"Ivan help me!" Halimar wailed as she tried to brush the dragon off but it was relentless.

Ivan would have charged at it but he found himself powerless to move. He was somehow paralysed.

“What are you doing to her!” Ivan yelled at the demon.

“I don’t like her.” The demon said.

Soon Halimar went silent and all that remained of her was a blackened skeleton.

But the dragon was not satisfied. It gave one vindictive swipe of its wings and separated her skull from her shoulders.

Ivan blinked his eyes in confusion. The cave, and Halimar’s carcass was gone. He found himself standing in the yard of a great castle.

Demons milled about the premises. Most of them were engrossed in conversation with one another as they strode up and down the steps that led to the entrance of the castle.

He realized that the demon was standing beside him.

“You should be grateful. I have saved you from that hopeless jungle and brought you back to hell, the real hell.” The demon said.



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