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Iron Fist (Tv Series 2017) Who's Laughing Now, Critics?

Iron fist is the fourth in a series of shows that will lead up to Marvel’s well anticipated ‘The Defenders’ miniseries.

Considering the show’s illustrious siblings which include; Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, it is not surprising that the Iron Fist had a lot to live up to.

It is like the last kid trying to measure up to outstanding older siblings.  

Did it live up to that?

Well, the internet has been bubbling with rampant criticism. Yep, fellows have been yapping about the show’s perceived underwhelming qualities.

There are three main points that seem to unite the critics in their head shaking and tongue wagging.

1. Iron Fist Is Guilty of Cultural Appropriation

So some white boy thinks he can be the Iron Fist?

Unfortunately the babble about racial marginalization and the usual victimisation crap would never go out of fashion.

People just cannot resist the urge to whine against white oppression. It’s boring, its old but it’s still a fad as is evident in The Iron Fist.

The argument is that Danny Rand shouldn’t have been cast by a white guy.

Because it’s just wrong to have a white guy coming to Asia, and not just excel at martial arts but then go ahead to become the embodiment of martial art perfection. It makes the critics choke.

In their opinion, it would have been more preferable if Daniel Rand was portrayed by an Asian-American.

Well, boo-hoo. These critics don’t seem to care much for the fact that Batman is an American. Like Danny Rand, that’s another billionaire hero who went to the wise east to discover the secret of martial arts.

They also fail to understand one major point. This is the simple fact that NOT EVERY ASIAN KNOWS KUNG FU.

So if Danny Rand was played by an Indian or a Viet, it still would have been cultural appropriation.

Why? Well because the stereotype is that all Chinese and Japanese know Kung Fu. In fact when they say they want an Asian actor, they actually mean they want an actor of Chinese or Japanese descent.

This automatically reduces Asia to just China and Japan alone. Now if that isn’t the height of cultural appropriation, then what is?      

2. The Fight Scenes Are Sedative


What them critics thought they would see

There is also considerable babble that the fight scenes don’t live up to the usual flair of action movies on netflix like the blood-warming daredevilsh fight scenes where bones snap like its crunch time.

Yea to be fair, Danny Rand’s fighting seems to be a little laid back.

He doesn’t seem to exert himself like the black widow who is quite fond of ruthlessly destroying her victims by using slick flexible movements that make her seem rather ubiquitous.

But this could be attributed to the vast difference in skill level. Imagine the Flash racing against Usain Bolt. You can’t expect Barry Allen to give such a race his full effort.

He’ll probably run just fast enough to give Bolt a tiny gap before crossing the finish line.

Likewise, it’s quite unreasonable to expect the immortal weapon himself, to employ all his martial art talent against a couple of thugs like the Triad members that he took on.

Come on, he’s the iron fist. Let that sink in for once. Throughout the show, Danny Rand was never quite pitted against a worthy opponent.

If the scenes looked sluggish, maybe it was because he was just too superior to his adversaries.

3. Finn Jones Is a man child.

Ladies love me, they love that iron fist.

Well, Finn Jones is a golden-haired baby face who first caught our attention as Ser Lorras Tyrell in the Game of Thrones series.

Some fans expected a more haunted personality with a hard jawline and brooding countenance. This didn’t happen though. Marvel gave us all smiles and sunshine in the person of Finn Jones.

Because of his naiveté and the lack of the usual moody vibe most of the heroes seem to possess, it’s quite easy to write off Finn Jones for rendering a shallow portrayal of Danny Rand.

But on the contrary, the choice of casting Finn Jones as the star is genius in fact. It gives Iron Fist a much needed freshness and instantly distinguishes the show from its three other counterparts.

If he was dark-haired and all serious like Matt Murdock, consumers would soon have experienced what economists like to call diminishing marginal utility. Variety is the spice of life afterall.

Also his naiveté is brilliant. He’s been in a monastery since he was ten years old. This seclusion has left him untouched by the intrigue and general bullshit of the great New York.

It would have been so senseless if he’d come back to Rand as a mature and savvy and scheming individual like Ward Meachum (Harold’s son).

His innocence gives the series the needed room for character development and isn’t that what makes up a TV series?

In spite of all this, the show has several high points that make it stand out. The most notable is

1. The Nostalgic Effect

How do I make you feel? Be honest.

Who can truly say they did not experience that warm orange feeling during the first three to four episodes of the show?

It was captivating and thrilling to see the lost billionaire scion trying to connect with the last few remnants of his past.

 It really played on our natural yearning for a sense of belonging and brought quite up a few questions about the inconsistency of human nature.

Although the nostalgia soon wore off (it couldn’t last forever of course) it popped up a few more times during the show and remained a background theme.

2. The Sneaky Plot Twists.

*Gasps* Let's be honest, 90% of critics didn't see me do this

A lot of critics were quick to pan this show as plodding and unpredictable. This verdict brings to question just how far they bothered to watch the show.

It is quite obvious that Iron Fist was not created for action-obsessed individuals with the attention span of three- year-olds.

Its progress was gradual but not as laborious as those naysayers would have one believe.

And considering the dizzying plot twists that arose in the later chapters, it won’t be a surprise if it turns out that most of the early critics did not watch past the first two or three episodes.

To strongly prove this fact that Iron Fist is no flimsy contender, it is Netflix’s most binged drama. In spite of all the name calling, it is the most streamed of all tv shows on netflix. It has surpassed Orange Is The New Black, Luke Cage and even Daredevil in the race for TV shows with the most streams.

So who’s laughing now?


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