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Life Of Gbenga Episode 8: Gbenga's Wild Night

It was a cold night. He’d just finished eating one of his favourite concoctions which is bread and butter and beans garnished with two eggs and laced with stew.

Feeling very satisfied, he inhaled the cold air that came in with the gust of wind. Every paper on his study desk floated around to acknowledge Mr Wind.

Needless to say, there was no electricity. The power suppliers, BEDC, had gone to bed early.

His phone rang. From where he was sitting comfortably on the floor, he glanced towards his bed at the ringing phone and rolled his eyes.

He was experiencing the laziness only a good meal could cause. Who come dey disturb me this night na? He grunted and crawled to the bed.

A frown gripped his forehead when he noticed the caller. Mcheww, he hissed, this Florence sef. He glumly watched the phone ring until he gave up and picked the call.

“Hafa na,” he said, studying the shadow around his rechargeable lamp.

“Hey bae, I just wanted to check on you.” Florence said from the other end.

Gbenga yawned “sweet. I’m doing great. Thanks for calling.”

“Gbenga baby, stop this already. Do you even know what you’re doing to me?” Florence pleaded.

Gbenga hissed “Florence its past ten in the night abeg. Some of us need to sleep. Cold night like this, you no won let person rest.”

“Gbenga I miss you. I know I let you down that day but I’m sorry. What do I have to do to get through to you?” Florence persisted.

Gbenga wiped his mouth “I’ve got nothing to say to you. That day, you showed me your true colour. Just let me be. I’m not forming, I just don’t care anymore.”

“Gbenga!” Florence gasped “how can you say that to me?” she said in a very tender broken way that made him want to die “please can I come to your place? I want to see you.”

Gbenga scratched his head “fine, whatever, your coming won’t change how I feel sha so goodnight, sweet dreams.”

“I want to come tonight. I’m at Hall 1. I could be at your place in twenty minutes.” Florence said.

Gbenga pulled at his hair like an annoyed kid “Florence it’s already past ten in the night.”

He said through his teeth “look you know my area is not safe and besides I don’t open my door for anyone after nine o’ clock. That’s a golden rule for me.”

“You don’t open your door after nine o’clock abi? Okay oo, but you know that when I was mad at you before, I still let you in oo, I still played soft with you sha.

I’m sure you enjoy treating me like this. Remember that what goes around comes around.”

Gbenga sighed “good night Florence.”

Florence cut the call.

Fuck, he mused and started to pace around his room. He hated her for destroying his peace of mind.

Now he kept glancing at his phone wondering whether he should call her back and be tender this time.

No way, she started this. He turned off his lamp and with determination; he climbed his bed and snuck under the sheets. He was going to sleep like a baby and ignore every thought of her.

Five minutes of shut-eye later, kpo kpo kpo, sounded a knock at his door. He ignored the sound, already drifting into sleep.

Kpo kpo kpo, the knock sounded again. He was alert this time.

Who come dey disturb person at this time of the night? Could it be Florence? That girl no dey hear word at all, he thought and tiptoed to his door to peep out through the key hole.

But it was too dark to see anything. The knock sounded again, tender knocks, like the way a girl would knock.

“Who’s there?” he asked cautiously.

“It’s me,” said a female voice “sorry to disturb you.”

Since it wasn’t Florence, Gbenga felt less reluctant to open the door. There was no cause for worry. Besides, what could a girl possibly do to him? So, holding his lamp in one hand, he opened the door.

“Hi, good evening,” the girl said “I know it’s a lot to ask but we had a programme at school and I just returned only to find out that my roommate is away and she took the key.”

Gbenga studied her “don’t you have your key?”

“I misplaced it last week.” The girl said, “we were supposed to change the lock but you know, time and other things.

Please can I just stay at your place, just till the morning? I’m not ready to start heading back to school.” she pleaded.

Gbenga stroked his jaw. Now this chick was fine. Even though she was obviously a fellowship chick, with the simple print dress she wore.

But she was the slim kind of hot and tall too. Who was he to refuse free ‘gobe’?

“Well mi casa su casa. Please come in.” he said.

She placed her palms together, looking quite relieved “thank you so much!” she said and walked in.

Gbenga took his time to bolt the door and turn the key. He turned back to find her standing indecisively.

“Hey, make yourself at home…you can have the bed.” He said placing his hand in his pocket.

“Oh thanks, but where will you sleep?” she asked.

He waved his hand “sleep? Nah, I have a test to prepare for. There’s no sleeping for me tonight.”

“Poor you,” she said “cold night like this and you have to stay awake.”

He shrugged “life of a student. Uniben never loved us.”

She laughed and sat on his mattress “you don’t have a roommate?” she asked looking around.

He shook his head “nah, just me.”

“Me I can’t stay alone oo. This area is way too dangerous. There’s always someone out to get you.” she said and lay back to rest on his pillow.

“If you get tired of reading, you can share the bed with me though. I don’t want you to be forced to use the chair because of me.” she added.

Bad girl, Gbenga thought with excitement. Why did God enjoy sending temptation his way?

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He said and opened his Econometrics textbook.

Of course everything on the page he opened looked like Chinese. The letters seemed to float in front of his eyes.

He tried to concentrate with all his effort until his neck started to hurt. After a while, he glanced at her and was a bit startled to find her watching him.

“You haven’t slept?” he asked.

“Hmm, never mind. It’s just that it’s a bit difficult for me to sleep with the light on. But I’ll try.” She said, stroking her hair.

He took a deep breath. God see what she’s doing oo. I tried to be good oo. My spirit is willing but her flesh is soft and fresh though.

You can’t place meat in front of a carnivore and expect it not to eat oo. He glanced at her again, she was still staring.



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