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Life Of Gbenga Episode 1: Enter With Your Change

It was already a few minutes past 7.30am. The way Gbenga hurried down the street, one would think he had chilli pepper in his pants.

Lately he’d come under fire for his tardy nature. His boss at Fate Mark ‘had had it up to here’ as he put it. That man sef, Gbenga mused.

Sometimes he wished the man would fall down from his staircase and break his leg and miss work for a week.

He chuckled to himself as he came up to the highway and stood by the roadside, awaiting a bus. The smell of bole (roasted plantain) coming from the woman at the end of his street, greatly distracted him.


He kept glancing back at her shed, wondering whether he should just make a quick dash.

No, before he would finish bargaining with that woman, eight o’ clock would have passed by then. And he had no intention of meeting Mr eight o’ clock outside his workplace.

In fact if he remembered correctly Mr Ekos his boss said “don’t ever meet Mr eight o’ clock outside your place of work!”

The early morning sun was already out and he smiled brightly on all and sundry. The sun made Gbenga scowl because he was beginning to sweat like a Christmas goat.

He kept waving his hand like someone chasing flies in a bid to flag a bus. Several taxis passed by but he ignored them. He didn’t have a valid reason why but he’d always preferred buses to taxis.

Finally a ‘one chance bus’ taxied to a stop several metres to his right. So that he had to jog up to get to it.

“Main gate” he told the bus conductor.

“Thirty naira with change,” The conductor replied.

Gbenga nodded and squeezed himself into the tiny space at the end of the very overcrowded back seat.

A fat woman sat beside him and the way her bottom spread like fried egg on top of hot oil, the woman was probably using up the space meant for three.

He just hoped when he stepped down, he would not look compressed like pressed Efe bread.

He allowed himself to be distracted by the rhythmic tune of Patoranking’s ‘this kind luv’ that rolled out from the bus’s speakers.

But the lady beside him, the one that was squeezing the life out of him just by sitting, suddenly decided to make a phone call.

“Driver please turn down the volume abeg.” She yelled.

Witch, Gbenga mused as even the music was taken away from him. She kept yelling at the poor soul on the other end of the line in the bini dialect till, thank God for his mercies, the bus reached main gate.

“Driver stop me here!” Gbenga said in haste.

The driver took his time to find a place to park. Then the conductor slid the croaky door open and Gbenga climbed out of his excuse for a seat.

He absently handed the fare to the conductor while he studied his crumpled shirt. Now they would think I did not bother to press my clothes before coming to work, he mused.

“I tell you say enter with your change!” the conductor yelled. The veins at his neck bulged as if he was some kind of puff adder.

“I gave you hundred naira na. Is that not change?” Gbenga asked.

“Hundred naira na change? Person go tell una something, una go dey behave like deaf and dumb.” The conductor said.

That ticked Gbenga off “excuse me? You dey craze? Abi u no chop come work? Give me my change and don’t tell me nonsense. Driver talk to your conductor oo.”

“Na you dey craze!” the conductor yelled.

Fortunately, the rest of the passengers were in a hurry.

“Conductor give him his change na. You don’t have common seventy naira to give him?” a guy in the front seat yelled.

Finally the conductor whipped out three twenty naira notes and shoved it at Gbenga.

“I no get ten naira.” The conductor said, getting back into the bus “next time when dem say enter with your change, you enter with your change.”

Gbenga hissed about to reply but a quick glance at his watch told him that it was 7.56 am.  What was ten naira? He would have to leave to fight another day.




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