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Life Of Gbenga Episode 6: By Force G Boy

The afternoon was hot, dry, and extremely boring. As he walked down the yellow, dusty road, he regretted wearing slip-ons.

His feet greatly resembled those of an experienced Almajiri, dust caked and worn out. He would rinse his feet once he arrived at Dayo’s place.

That naughty boy still insisted on living off campus with his parents but this did not stop him from claiming to be broke or living off Gbenga, Gbenga mused with a sardonic chuckle.

He soon came upon the black gate that bordered Dayo’s compound. He slipped his hand through the small hole and unlatched the bolt.


The compound was quiet- he found none of Dayo’s siblings playing outside today. Maybe they were still at school.

If that boy was not around, he would skin him alive because he’d called to alert him of his visit.  He climbed up the veranda and knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?” Dayo called out.

“Young man, open up.” Gbenga replied.

He could hear his friend’s feet drag across the tile floor as he came to open the door.

“How far na?” Dayo hollered and stretched out his knuckle.

Gbenga bumped fists and walked in “guy just drop me a plate of hot rice. I nor wan hear story.”

“Who is asking for hot rice there? Is that Gbenga?” Dayo’s mother called out.

Gbenga scratched his head “Good afternoon ma! It’s me, Gbenga.”

The mother chuckled “I hope you know that one bag of rice is now fifty thousand.”

“Yes ma. If there’s no rice I’ll manage beans ma.” Gbenga said.

“Even beans is expensive oo,” Dayo’s mother said and came out to the parlour.

She was dressed to head out.

Gbenga bowed “good afternoon ma, well done ma” he said in between chuckles.

She smiled “Dayo is to go to the market. Thank God you are here, you can accompany him.”

Gbenga politely nodded “no problem ma.”

“Dayo I left the list and the Atm card in the kitchen.” Dayo’s mother said as she opened the front door “and you boys should not burn my fuel.

The other day Dayo just squandered almost two thousand naira worth of fuel. I don’t even know where he says he went to.”

Gbenga glanced at Dayo “in this recession?”

“Help me tell him oo.” Dayo’s mother said and stepped out as Dayo slowly followed after her.

He kept whispering something to her while he scratched his head like someone with a serious case of ‘akpanigogo’.

Gbenga also followed after them and came to stand on the veranda.

“Dayo abeg, I don’t have energy to argue with you.” His mother said as she stepped down from the veranda “I have to pay your brother’s acceptance fee so that he can start his clearance, you are here asking for two thousand.

Better go and find a room off campus and stay so that you can stop harassing my life. Can’t you see Gbenga?”

Gbenga chuckled and winked at Dayo but his friend just smirked.

“Common two thousand naira oo, I saw the bank alert oo,” Dayo complained as his mother opened her jeep.

His mother chuckled “because them tell you say na me and you get the money abi? Why you nor dey worry your papa sef?” Dayo’s mother asked “o boy go and open the gate for me.”

“You don chop the hundred k when I give you just now?” Gbenga asked as they made their way back into the house.


“No” Dayo said “I put am for MMM na?”

“Na im you come dey worry your mama for two k abi? You be wicked boy oo.” Gbenga teased.

Dayo chuckled “you don talk to Florence since then?”

Gbenga hissed “Abeg I nor just know wetin I won tell that girl. I went to her room sha to collect my bag. When she see say the money truly dey my bag, she come try to dey form repentant. I just bone oo.”

Dayo laughed “if to say I nor come eh, you for wash plates that day. But no be her fault sha, no be almost fifteen thousand una chop? Where she won see that kind money?”

Gbenga hissed again. Any time he remembered the embarrassing episode at Kada plaza where he forgot to come with his money, he just felt like punching someone in the face.

“Guy forget that matter joor.” He said to Dayo and plopped down on one of the sofas.

Dayo went in and came back with two black bags. He shoved the card and the list in his right pocket.

“Seriously, nothing dey to chew for this house?” Gbenga asked and yawned.

“Don’t worry, make we enter road before you start to dey yawn like snake when one swallow fowl egg.” Dayo said and headed for the front door.

Gbenga picked himself up and happened to glance down at his feet “ehen guy, I gat to wash my legs. This harmattan sef.”

“Tap dey outside.” Dayo said.

Gbenga stepped out and sighted the tap at the corner close to the tank stand. He hurried over as Dayo went to open the gate.


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