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Life Of Gbenga Episode 9: Boro Duru

A fortnight had gone by since ‘the wild night’ as he was fond of calling it. Dayo’s scars were fading now.

For fear of the attention it would attract from their parents, the school authorities, and the police, the two friends, Gbenga and Dayo, opted to avoid the hospital.

Consequently, Gbenga spent the greater part of the last two weeks nursing his friend’s wounds.

His class attendance had taken a nosedive leaving him with the sinking feeling of despair for the semester. But at least they were alive, he mused as he sat amidst his classmates, watching them conversing, joking, laughing.

He could not help but wonder who was real among them and who was fake? How many of them were homies under the sun but devils once the night is come?

Dayo nudged him.

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“Guy you just dey look. Wetin dey sup na?” Dayo asked.

Gbenga smiled and shook his head “I won reach house joor. I gat stuff to do.”

“Two never reach na.” Duru said “you sure say that woman nor go show?”

Gbenga stretched his hands and yawned “where our class rep sef. Make im go check whether she dey come. I won commot oo.”

“Olu!” Duru yelled at a boy who was busy chatting with two chicks at the other end of the class.

Olu waved his hand as if to say “what’s up?”

“Guy go check whether prof go show na.” Duru yelled “if you like dey follow woman. By the time Amaka and that small winsh finish with you eh, you go dry pass bonga fish.”

Gbenga and the rest of the class chuckled at Duru’s little barb.

“Duru, who you dey call small winsh?” Nina replied with her tiny voice, coming towards them.

But everybody knew that Nina's wahala could draw like okro soup and Gbenga was not in the mood for that.

“Nor vex!” Gbenga yelled “continue the stuff when una dey arrange with our honourable class rep.”

That made Nina hiss and turn back to Olu their class rep. Duru frowned at Gbenga.

“Guy wetin na?” Duru complained “you for let am come. Abi you don dey forbid fine girls?”

Gbenga rapped his hands on the table “fine girls are trouble oo, believe that.” He said, packing his books into his bag.

Seeing that Gbenga was preparing to leave, Duru got up from his seat and came to seat beside Gbenga. He scratched his temple and cleared his throat.

“Paddy, e get some kind stuff when I for like run with you.” Duru said cautiously.

Gbenga rolled his eyes. He knew exactly where this was going. In fact any time a friend used the phrase ‘some kind stuff when I for like run’ Gbenga felt like running away as fast as possible.

Dayo just faced another side as if to say ‘Gbenga you’re on your own’.

Gbenga sighed “wetin happen?” he asked Duru.


“Guy you know say MMM don pause this December and I never even pay my NESSA dues. As in eh bross, things are just tight now.

You know me and my popsy no dey see eye to eye. You fit just flush me like four k? As in eh, four k can change my life right now because if I tell you all the things when dey happen eh…hmm.

No condition is permanent sha. By January I’ll return your money with interest sef, if you want.” Duru said in a very low tone as if he was making confessions to a reverend father.

Gbenga licked his lips. He remembered that about two months ago, he’d given this same Duru about ten thousand because the guy wanted to make up fifty k to put into MMM.

In fact even before that, he’d given Duru five thousand naira when Duru claimed that someone stole his wallet and atm card and that he was cash strapped.

Till tomorrow, all that money he’d borrowed out was still trapped way deep in the land of ‘voice mail’ with no hopes of ever returning.

“I nor sure say I get four k sha. Na Buhari season we dey.” Gbenga said.

“I know bross. It doesn’t have to be four k sha. Just help me out. I know say you dey reason the 15k when I still dey owe you, but I promise you I repay my debts.

You know me na, I’m not that kind of person. You be my guy na,” he said patting Gbenga on the shoulder “I no fit fuck up for your matter na.”

Gbenga was used to Duru’s pattern. The guy would keep pestering like a mosquito until he was satisfied. And Gbenga really wasn’t in the mood for nagging.

He slowly dipped his hand into his pocket, hesitated, sighed and finally brought out his wallet. A wry smile formed on his lips when he noticed that he had exactly four thousand on him.

He gave Duru three thousand and ignored the eager way Duru was staring at the last one-thousand- naira note remaining in the wallet.

“That’s all I can give.” Gbenga said, getting up.

“Thanks a lot man. You’re the realest. Don’t worry, I promise you that by January I’ll make it rain for you.” Duru said as he pocketed the money and made his way out of Gbenga’s seat.


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