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Life Of Gbenga Episode 7: Bad Breath Swag

He hurriedly took his bath all the while grimacing at the bright sunlight that flowed in through the window. Of all freaking days, he chose today to oversleep. It was already a few minutes to nine, which made him an hour late.

He charged out of the bathroom like a crazed bull and got right to putting on his clothes while his eyes scanned around his ‘warzone’ of a bedroom in search for his lotion. 

There you are, he mused pulling the bottle out from under the mattress. His mirror reflection caught his attention so that he winced at the unsightly disaster atop his head.

It took him another five minutes to locate his comb. And all the while he cursed and swore like an annoyed village priest.

Why did he stress himself so? What was the point of chasing two bsc degrees at the same time?

But ever since he realized that he could simultaneously obtain degrees from Uniben and Open University,  his ambition kicked in and he’d chased both ever since then.

He wore his Open University Id card on his neck and dashed to his fridge to pinch a handful of bread. He had to get out now if he hoped to make it in time for this morning’s exam.

He took one last glance at the house, wondering if he was forgetting something. O boy, he’d almost left his exam slip behind.

That would have been catastrophic. He picked it, hastily locked his room and charged down the street.

As he marched he chewed his handful of bread like a maniac, not caring how he seemed to his neighbours. How many of them had to worry about exams this sunny Saturday morning?


On reaching the park, he got into a shuttle bus headed for main gate. He was quite grateful to find the bus almost full. He could not afford unnecessary delays.

One more passenger got in- a really pretty girl, wearing a red flowery robe- and then the bus made its way out of the park. As they headed for main gate, it suddenly hit him with full force- the one thing he’d failed to do before leaving the house.


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