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Action in the Woods

Lorius Midel

(Pg 3 in the series)

©Samuel Mogbolu



 T’was a cool temperate day. The cloud was peaceful sky-blue and the wind went about lightly cooing, and caressing the bodies of passers-by.

I stayed home today; my newfound mastery allowed me to forego rigorous training. It would have been nice to go though, as the forest would be so tranquil with this kind of weather.

My brother had gone to visit Muna- oh yeah it was common gossip among our peers now. Traore and Muna.

Anyway, I was bored and restless and decided to call on Lameer. Lameer like my brother was always on the go.

If life crawled, you could go meet him, as he was always up to some wild expedition into the deepest part of the forest or to steal into a neighbouring hamlet with the main purpose of antagonizing the boys there (a mock war using catapults and engaging in serious brawls.I especially loved these adventures even though I very rarely partook in them).

I was lucky to catch him at home, as it was almost noon and not unusual for him to leave his house immediately the sun rose, and then come to our compound to rouse Traore and other boys he had planned some crazy adventure with.

His house was beautiful; a long palatial residence built by his merchant father; with the minarets growing off the roof domes. The domes sparkled today in the quiet white light of the day.

I sighted him through the stick fence, sitting on one of the front steps of the threshold.

On seeing me, a smile brightened his visage, softening his thin bony face, his brown eyes twinkled with their usual intensity.

“Wow the quiet one has come to pay me a visit- say have you grown taller?” obviously noting for the first time that we looked eye to eye.

I smiled back ignoring the name he had called me. It was my official nickname, so no use complaining. His twin sister was the one that christened me so.

“I am bored.” I said “have you got some mischief planned?”

He gave me a curious look, wondering if he misheard me- Miletus actually bored and wanting to take part in an adventure.

“Are you certain? Cos you see, it could be dangerous,” he said with a slight grin.

“I can take care of myself.” I said.

He considered me for a while then looked at my brown skin bag “you do not have any weapon except that splendid knife and that bag you carry. I wonder what it contains.”

“Instruments I would use to protect myself.” I said.

He cocked his head “I see…well I heard there was a leopard in the forest and I would be the one to kill it.”

So he was courting suicide as usual. How shocking.

“That sounds exciting but I would want the head.” I said.

He laughed “leopard head is for leopard slayers.” he then proceeded to pick up the arrows he had been sharpening when I came in, and then placed them in his quiver; then tested and examined his crossbow; one much newer than Traore’s.


“Traore could have accompanied me but Muna has monopolized him. I do not know who I like more now- the introverted Miletus or the lovesick Traore.”

I shrugged “quit whining and let us go.”

“Hmm so eager huh…we’ll see how you fare,” he said chuckling.

We set out at a bit after noon walking through the paths, the chants of children in the madrasa travelled all the way to meet us rich truants.

The sun was not visible and the temperature was cool, good conditions for hunting. Of course, the best time to go would have been during nightfall but perhaps the prospect of facing such a wild beast under the cover of darkness made him wary.

We entered the forest with him taking the lead.

“If you feel too frightened on meeting the beast, please try not to run off as I would find it difficult to protect you if it were to chase you. Just stay close to me.” he said.

“I would pretend you never said that.” I answered icily.

He chuckled “wow Miletus I’d forgotten how amusing you could be…but believe me when I say that I am here in search of a leopard.” he considered me with the same annoying laughter in his eyes.

“Let’s just search for the beast.” I said.

We must have trekked for up to an hour searching for tracks or carcases of smaller animals until we had gone so deep into the forest that the place was almost dark.

The massive trees now formed a large canopy, which allowed only a little light into the woods. I began to wonder whether we should have come with torches.

Having come so far however, we decided to rest for a while under a wide ray of light on the trunk of a mighty fallen tree.

“So what really is in that bag you carry…I hope it is not lunch.”

“It is not lunch.” I answered knowing that if it was, he would have found it another good reason to laugh and jest.

Finding ourselves so worn out from the searching, we lingered there for quite some time. The passing time made me take note of the prevailing silence.

But I figured the forest was this silent because the day was far spent. Lameer sat upright on impulse “maybe we should return tomorrow.” He said.

I was about to reply when something in the dark behind him caught my eyes.


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