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10 Problems Ex-Veterans Face After Military Life

Military life is quite different from everyday civilian life.

Apart from the obvious dangers that army veterans face in the course of their service, there are several qualities that make military life so dissimilar to civilian life.

These differences are so stark that ex veterans find themselves having to make the necessary adjustments in order to cope with the myriad of changes.

But adjusting to change is fraught with difficulties. In light of this fact, here are ten problems ex-veterans face after service.

10. The Futility Of War

It’s okay to give one’s life to active service, to the belief that he/ she is working to defend the interests of the fatherland.

But during the course of service, soldiers go through jarring and unthinkable experiences.

Army veterans become accustomed to sights of violence and bloodshed. [...]

11 Things Only The Truly Poor Would Understand

Money is just a tool for the upper class.

But for the middle and lower classes, money is air and money is life.

This disparity in the need for money makes it difficult for the upper class aka rich people to relate with the problems of the lower class aka poor people.

The middle class enjoy a unique seat on the fence.

They are never actually rich but they don’t fit into the poor people’s club either. 

They are always at the door of poverty with one foot in and one foot out.

This makes it easier for them to relate with the problems of the humble fellows.

So if you find yourself relating with the points I’m about to list out, well you know where you belong.

Now don’t get mad, afterall no condition is permanent.

He who stands might fall someday and he that is fallen might rise one day. By the way, I’m not one to blow my trumpet but I’m just gonna say that I created that quote.

Yea the one you just read about he who stands and he that is fallen bla bla bla. So yea, bow before Sage Samuel, lol.

Seriously though, if you can relate to these eleven points then well…hmm [...]


Feeling Low? Here Is A Method That Holocaust Victims Used To Cope

Reality can be a handful sometimes. She does all her best to oppose our fantasies and so most times, she turns out in ways that are contrary to what we want or hope for.

Take for example going through all the rigours of college where you persevere through the bulk of strenuous courses and disagreeable schedules only to come out and find that the job companies aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpets for you to march in and take your place.

It sucks doesn’t it? There’s also the sudden exit of loved ones or the delayed promotion at work. Heavy situations such as these pull our moods down with them.

But just like us, those in the concentration camps during the holocaust also saw the harsh side of reality. She was really mean to them but those of them that survived found a way to cope through this method. [...]

Iron Fist (Tv Series 2017) Netflix: Who's Laughing Now, Critics?

Iron fist is the fourth in a series of shows that will lead up to Marvel’s well anticipated ‘The Defenders’ miniseries.

Considering the show’s illustrious siblings which include; Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, it is not surprising that the Iron Fist had a lot to live up to.

It is like the last kid trying to measure up to outstanding older siblings.  

Did it live up to that?

I still can't get over the fact that IRON FIST, a show that contains this moment, is something that Netflix spent millions of dollars on. pic.twitter.com/LtBRZSqWNs

David Chen (@davechensky) April 4, 2017

Well, the internet has been bubbling with rampant criticism. Yep, fellows have been yapping about the show’s perceived underwhelming qualities.

There are three main points that seem to unite the critics in their head shaking and tongue wagging. [...]


The Knife Flinger: Lorius Midel Episode 10

He sighed and shook his head.

“No, never mind. Come to think of it, I do like quiet places too,” he said, leaning towards me.

“Ah…so you are troubled,” I said.

He chuckled, dropping his head.

“Miletus.” he muttered and then raised his head. “Your father, is he a merchant?”

“Nay…my father is Khamil Aberudeen. He…”

“The doctor?” he interrupted.

“Why yes,” I answered.

“Oh, I have heard so much about him. I heard of his experimental garden, where he planted all those strange herbs he got from his sojourns.” he said. [...]

Deep Down Below: IVH Episode 8

Ivan barely heard what the demon said. His mind was too pre-occupied with the horrible sight he’d just witnessed back at the cave.

Halimar was lost.

He could still hear her desperate pleas for help as the small dragon bathed her with its fire breath.

He’d been able to do nothing. All he’d done was watch.  Now she was all alone in that lost realm. She was powerless to move and powerless to heal. They had left her there marooned…forever.

 “Do you miss your companion?” The demon asked him.

Ivan said nothing.

They had climbed up a lengthy flight of steps and come upon a flat pedestal that made Ivan think of an Island in the sky.

There was a way the clouds surrounded the pedestal and the platform led to nowhere. It just had edges which promised a long drop into oblivion.

The demon came up from behind Ivan and wrapped her arms around him. He was shocked when he recognised her scent.

“You remember this scent, don’t you? I took it from one of your memories.”



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